Surfari Joe’s Indoor Wilderness Water Park ~Field Trip Friday~

I purchased a Groupon for Surfari Joe’s Indoor Wilderness Water Park  that we planned to use during the Summer and then my youngest son broke his arm, meaning a cast for 6 weeks, and NO swimming, water, or getting wet!

We were finally able to use the Groupon this past weekend, and had a great time!  I was very impressed with the number of lifeguards on duty, and their attentiveness to the children and their “posts”, because there was a lot of activity when we first arrived with a couple of birthday parties going on at the same time!

The park consisted of:

  • “Rhino’s Rage”~a 250-foot body slide (must be at least 48” to ride)
  • “Hippos Hollow”~ a 305-foot tube slide (must be at least 48″ to ride alone), children under 48” can ride with adults on same tube.
  • “Winding Zambezi River Run”~ aka lazy river
  • “Lino’s Lagoon”~ an 84 degree pool
  • “Pygmy’s Pond”~ a shallow water play area with 3-mini slides, spray guns, and an 85-gallon splash bucket that drenches the entire area on a continuous basis
  • “Waterfall Grotto Spa”, a perfect 100 degree adult-only hot tub

Both the tube slide and body slide empty into the same pool, and there is always a lifeguard in the water between the two slides to help riders get off, and away from the exit so they don’t get hit by the next person in line (of course the lifeguard moved out of the picture when I took this!).

The splash bucket drenching my oldest!

My favorite thing about the lazy river were these clear tubes, so it was easy to keep an eye on the kiddos if they were “hiding” from each other or us in the center of them!

The water park is only open on Friday and Saturdays from 3- 10 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday mornings the pool and lazy river only are open from 8-10 a.m.   We stayed the night and went back to the pool the next morning and the kids had a blast on the lazy river and in the pool diving for “treasures” (which consisted of lost hair-ties and random pennies)!

If you are looking for an overnight water park trip, you can check out their Splash and Stay packages for the best rates!  Our family gave it a thumbs up for fun and worth the drive!