Snow Day Rituals

10 Snow Day Rituals

Whatever your reason for wanting a snow day (day off school/work, didn’t finish homework, more time to play in the snow, need an extra long weekend, try out the new sled you received for Christmas, etc.), there are different rituals for increasing the likelihood of a snow day.  Ten of the various rituals I found are listed below.  Some people will try all of them, while others may just pick a few! Leave a comment if you have other ideas.

Snow Ritual #1: Wear Your Pajamas Inside Out  (and backwards!)- This snow ritual advises that if the family wears their PJs inside out and backwards this will confuse the snow gods in some strange way and prompt them to send a blanket of snow for participants.

Snow Ritual #2: Leave a Spoon Under the Pillow-  This snow ritual dates back to the days of the Pilgrims and is still a  longstanding superstition.

Snow Ritual #3: Flushing Ice Cubes Down the Toilet- This snow ritual is meant to signify a ‘cold front’ to the snow gods. Apparently they’ll get the message through the sewer system.

Snow Ritual #4: Running Around the Table Five Times- There is debate as to whether or not this is to be done clockwise or counterclockwise, and I consistently found five times is the magic number.

Snow Ritual #5: Repeating a Snow Chant-   There is limited information on what this magical snow chant may be, but it’s likely a variation of the classic ‘Let It Snow!’ song of the season.  You may develop your own snow chant and just keep repeating it until you see snow!

Snow Ritual #6: Throwing Ice Cubes Into the Tree-   Grab a few bowls of shaved ice and sprinkle them on trees and bushes around the yard. This ritual is meant to encourage a big freeze, and send a ‘cold message’ to the snow gods as a prompt.

Snow Ritual #7: Put a white crayon in the freezer- Put it under your pillow before bed.  I found several different ideas of  people putting different things under their pillows (cotton balls, cut-out paper snowflakes, Q-tips, etc.).  By the time you put them all under there, there may not be much sleeping going on (as if there was anyways with the excitement of a snow storm looming)!

Snow Ritual #8: Sleep on opposite ends of the bed- The idea here is that you switch ends of the bed and sleep with your head where your feet usually are and your feet where your head usually is.

Snow Ritual #9: Wear gloves to bed- Cozy up with a pair of mittens and pray to the snow gods!

Snow Ritual #10: Yell “Snow Day” into the freezer- Or a number of other places in the house including the bath tub, and under your bed!

One of my personal favorite traditions of a snow day is having all the kiddos pile in bed with me while we watch the school closings scroll across the TV screen!  Even with the wonders of technology (automated phone system that calls us to let us know school is closed), I still get excited right along with them to see our school name scroll across the screen!


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